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Blanas – color insulation decoration

Blanas company was founded in 2003, by Georgios Blanas (contractor of buildings and hotels) in an area of just 30m². The purpose of the business is the sale of building paints and hardware.
With the help and support of our customers, in 2009 having taken over the Company, his son Konstantinos Blanas, we moved to a central part of the city in a 200m² facility with ample parking.

In addition to the sale of building paints and hardware, a department for the sale of paints in the furniture sector was created. At the same time in 2010 our store has made a dynamic penetration in the field of Painting-Hagiography-Découpage in collaboration with leading companies abroad. Our goal is the best service and long-term relationship with our customers.
For this reason and in collaboration with the specialized workshop (Blanc Color Decorations) we can provide you with documented solutions, both in the selection and application of colors in our space.